Chris has had a passion for sports and fitness his whole life.

He started his martial arts career at an early age when he started wrestling at 6, followed by aikido and shorin karate at 12, Brazilian jiu jitsu at 18, and boxing and Muay Thai at 20 and later Judo.  Chris then went on to fight MMA professionally where he was undefeated at 10-0. 

He has taught sudden death pankration MMA.  Pankration was a combat sport introduced into the Greek Olympic Games in 648 BC and founded as a blend of boxing and wrestling but with scarcely any rules.  The only things not acceptable were biting and gouging of the opponent’s eyes.

Chris holds black belts in jiu jitsu and judo under John Powell. 

He got his start as a Personal Trainer at Moore’s Fitness at just 17 years old. He has been a general manager, manager, coach and trainer at several large facilities in the Dayton and Cincinnati area. Most recently he has been with M-Power in Huber Heights. As a retired professional MMA fighter and he experienced the benefit firsthand of the knowledge he has gained across a variety of fitness domains.

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