• CrossFit Level 1


Amanda is a true adventure seeker and is always up for a challenge. She enjoys using the confidence and physical ability she’s earned in the gym to get out and enjoy that part of her life.

Her journey into CrossFit started during her Freshman year of college. In her own words ‘the Freshman 15 was creeping closer and I knew it was time to make health and fitness a priority in my life.’ Through a group on campus she found Champion City CrossFit and was hooked!

She has tried several other types of group workout classes, but has always found her way back to CrossFit. She loves constantly being pushed to try new things and having a community that cheers everyone on.

Like all good coaches Amanda has worked hard to learn from many different perspectives and backgrounds. She’s grateful to have worked with many helpful coaches along the way and is excited to do that for others!

Outside of the gym you can find her running with her husband, snuggling her two cats, and helping mentor youth at her church.

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