What are you paying for?
When you become a member of Champion City CrossFit you are buying not only a quality service, but also a great experience. Our awesome coaching staff will guide you through skill sessions, strength programming and the WOD (workout of the day). You will get to know many of the other members that you train with day in and day out. This camaraderie adds to the overall experience of CrossFit.

We charge once a month based on the following structure.

First 2 Weeks Free!!: To everyone interested in trying out CrossFit or seeing if our community is the right fit for them, we highly recommend coming in a trying it out!

2 CrossFit classes per week: $85

Unlimited CrossFit classes: $115

Boot Camp: Included in the price of your CrossFit membership

Drop-Ins: $20 for 3 days

Krav Maga: $5 per class for members of Champion City CrossFit
                    $10 per class for non-members
                     *pay as you go or purchase punchcard

*military/fire/police/students recieve 10% discount  
*lower price reflects a 3 month obligation
*ask about family pricing
300 S. Center St.
Springfield, Ohio 45506 (view larger map)